Sirius Sonic Skincare System

Sirius Sonic Skincare System

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. I would like to introduce this fantastic product to you, the Sirius Sonic Skincare System. The only sonic technology skincare system with 5 interchangeable heads designed to CLEANSE, EXFOLIATE, HYDRATE, and TONE in order to reveal fresh and radiant skin. It is a safe, effective and affordable alternative to Clarisonic with 1/3 of its price. The sonic provides a convenient way to perform all the skincare routines at the comfort of your home. Leaving skin soft and smooth looking.
Below are a list of benefits of the Sirius Sonic Skincare System:
1. The cleansing brushes are 2 X more effective than manual cleansing.
2. The cleansing brushes are 6 X more makeup removal than traditional cleansing.
3. Safe for all skin types even skin affected by seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and acne.
4. Exfoliation applicator can exfoliates 8 X more than manual scrubbing.
5. Skin can absorb 50% greater of nutrients from serums and moisturisers with the hydration applicator.
6. Lift, scuplt and tone facial muscles to rejuvenate sagging skin with toning applicator.
7. Use this system with your favourite serums, moisturisers and scrubs to increase the efficacy of your current skincare routine.
Normally we use our hands or facial sponges to wash our face. But washing with just our hands may not be clean enough because you will not scrub away some of the dirt and dead skin cells. The facial sponge do helps exfoliating our face, unfortunately it promotes microbial growth as it is always wet. Now with the Sirius Sonic Skincare Brush we are able to solve these problems. The system oscillates back and forth at the sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second. The brushes do not spin, only the handset vibrates gently. The best part of it is that it performs efficiently in just 1 MINUTE. The sonic does not comes with a timer, you have rely on yourself when washing with the set. It is durable and waterproof. All you have to do is if you wear makeup, remove eye makeup with hands first. Then wet your face and the brush head with water, apply cleanser to your face and push the power button to turn the Sonic on and gently move the brush using a small circular motion, begining from the forehead 20 seconds, nose 10 seconds, chin 10 seconds and cheeks 10 seconds X both sides. After that place your Sonic on a flat surface so that it will not drop then rinse your face with water. You are recommend to wash the Sonic once a week to remove any residue buildup. But for me, each time after cleansing, I just remove the brush head to wash with cleanse and rinse it with water and shake it dry just like our toothbrush, then I wipe the handle with my towel.
Below diagram shows the method and cleansing time for each section of our face.
How did I get to know about the Sirius Sonic Skincare System ?
It all happened with my teenage son used to have pimples on his oily face. He had been using from soap, Oxy cleanser, Rosa T etc but his condition is not improving. My husband worried that our son’s face might have pimple scars. So we normally spent our free time in the pharmacies for searching the right skincare products for him.  One day while I was searching on the internet, I found out about the Clarisonic brush and so many reviews. It is quite tempting at first until I checked on the price. I then searched for a better quality dupe with cheaper price, the Sirius Sonic Skincare System.  After using the sonic, his face is cleaner and less oily. I must admit that my son is very lazy when he comes to cleaning his face. He spend less than 5 minutes in the bathroom for cleansing his face and bathing. Sometimes, I have to ordered him to clean his face again. I nagged him for wasting the cleanser and water. And now with the Sirius Sonic, he enjoys the system and I am satisfied with the result too. I have been using the sonic too and noticed that my skin becomes smoother and the pores become smaller. I will attached some photos later on. I would like to recommend to anyone out there about this fantastic product.
Here are the content of the Sirius Sonic Skincare System in the box:
1. Handle
2. Normal brush head
3. Sensitive brush head
4. Hydration applicator (same sponge)
5. Exfoliation applicator (same sponge)
6. Toning applicator (massage)
7. Storage cradle
8. 2 pcs. Duracell AA batteries in the handle. (can last up to 6 months under twice daily usage)
I would like to commend on the method to apply your serum and moisturisers. It is stated on the user guide that we can either apply on the hydration applicator or on our skin but I think it is better to apply the serum and moisturiser directly on your face and not on the sponge because it tends to absorb more in the sponge.
Comparison (in USD)
To those who are interested, you can e-mail to me or sms me.
Price: RM180.00 per set (Inclusive of Poslaju) to whole Malaysia.
Price: RM50.00 for 2 pcs. of brush heads (Inclusive of Poslaju) to whole Malaysia. Price: SGD88 per set (Inclusive of Postage)
Here’s my contact: Yap Yin Foong
Address: 17, Jln BK 1/19, Bandar Kinrara Ind. Park, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel. No.: 019-2932260
Email address:
Sirius Sonic contents in the box
A sensitive brush head snap on the device and hold by a storage cradle.
I still have 50 plus of boxes. All new stock.
The replacement of normal brush heads comes in 2 pcs. in a box.
The replacement of sensitive brush head comes in 2 pcs. in a box.
Benefits and functions
CLEANSING REGIMEN If you wear makeup, remove eye makeup by hand. Wet your skin and the brush head with warm water. Liberally apply your favorite cleanser to your skin or to the brush head. Slide the power button upward to turn your Sonic on and gently move the brush using a small circular motion, beginning on the forehead, then moving to the nose/chin area and the cheeks. Cleanse 20 seconds on forehead, 10 seconds on nose, 10 seconds on chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek. Pressing too hard will impede the motion of the brush and reduce its effectiveness. When cleansing is complete, rinse face and wash brush head with water and antibacterial soap. Deep cleansing should be performed twice daily – in the morning and before going to bed.
HYDRATION REGIMEN Attach the hydration applicator to the Sonic handset. Liberally apply your favorite moisturizer or serum to your skin or to the hydration applicator. Slide the power button upward to turn the Sonic on and gently move the applicator using small circular motions, beginning on the forehead, then moving to the nose/chin area and the cheeks.
EXFOLIATION REGIMEN While skin is still wet, attach the exfoliation applicator to the Sonic handset. Liberally apply a thin layer of your favorite exfoliation scrub over your face. Slide the power button upward to turn the Sonic on and gently massage the exfoliation applicator over your face using small circular motions for approximately 1 minute avoiding the eye area and hair line.
After exfoliation is complete, rinse face and wash the exfoliation applicator with water and antibacterial soap. DUE TO THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL OF EXFOLIATION, IT IS RECOMMENDED PERFORMING EXFOLIATIONS NO MORE THAN TWO TIMES A WEEK, ON NON-CONSECUTIVE DAYS.
TONING REGIMEN Attach the toning applicator to the Sonic handset. Slide the power button upward to turn the Sonic on and gently move the applicator using small circular motions, beginning on the forehead, then moving to the chin and the cheeks.
Testimonials from Sirius Sonic’s Website
 “I used the sensitive brush head to clean my skin, my first impression after washing my face was it felt so squeaky clean. It was weird, it felt clean inside and my skin feels soooo soft! I really really love this brush! I thought people were exaggerating when they said that now they couldn’t clean their skin without the Skinsonic but its really not an exaggeration! Now my skin still isn’t perfect, you can still see I suffer from black heads and redness on my cheekbones. But these are problems I’ve had issues with for YEARS, and if you compare it to a picture of my skin 2 years ago you can see that my skin has improved dramatically. The main problem with the Skinsonic is I can’t really show you what it dose to my skin because it just feels amazing! Like it’s clean deep inside. Even then you can still see from the pictures that now my skin looks a lot much clearer and “fresh”.” Klaire Klaire de Lys


“The SkinSonic is cheaper version of the Clarisonic, and because I had been wanting a Clarisonic so bad, I figured I would get this, because the reviews were a lot better than the Clarisonic’s. The price was also better ($50, free shipping, compared to $149, free shipping). Although the Mia comes in all sorts of colors, it’s bigger, bulkier, and doesn’t come with as many heads. I get my SkinSonic, squeeze a bunch of cleanser on it, grab my towel and head to the bathroom. I wet my face and the SkinSonic with warm-ish water. I turn it on and cleanse each part of my face for about 20 seconds. I rinse the head off and run it over my lips to get any dead skin off. Then I splash water over my face to rinse and dry it with my towel. I switch heads (from the sensitive to the lotion) and dry the water off the SkinSonic. I put about a quarter sized amount of lotion in my hand, and about half that amount of Aloe Vera over top. I rub them together and apply the mixture to my face, rubbing it in all over. When it’s pretty much all rubbed in, I grab my SkinSonic and rub a little bit of Aloe on the head before turning it on and massaging the lotion/Aloe onto my skin. My skin is so so soft after this point!” Cassandra Sincerely…Cassandra
“I’ve been testing and loving the Skinsonic every day for about two weeks now. It performs just as well as the Clarisonic for 1/3 the price. I think I actually feel the sonic sensation more with Skinsonic vs the Clarisonic. My initial reaction to the hydration and exfoliation pads was extremely skeptical–I thought they would just waste product and be ineffective. However, I’ve been using the hydration pad every night for the same two weeks and I love it! I dip it in my night cream, place on my face and turn on the Skinsonic. After applying cream manually on one side of my face and using the Skinsonic hydrator pad on the other, it was evident the Skinsonic side penetrated deeper. I also tried the exfoliator pad with my YBF Prep Microdermabrasion Scrub and got the same results without any irritation. As far as the toning head, I haven’t used it a lot, but it feels fab! If you’ve been wanting to try the Clarisonic but your budget doesn’t allow, try the Sirius Skinsonic Skincare System, the results are the same at 1/3 the price with a 60-day money back guarantee so what have you got to lose? If I could gift each one of you with a Skinsonic, I would–it’s that good.” Cindy Prime Beauty
“The Skinsonic offers more than its competitors and costs less – far less. When I saw what was offered with the Sirius product – for less than I have paid for a single eye shadow palette – I was amazed. This system comes with five brush heads/applicators! So, what you get is the power of sonic technology to take care of cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and toning – all with a single device that’s cute as a button and fits easily, without messy cords, right on my bathroom counter. It claims fast, noticeable results, and I can tell you it delivers. When mine arrived last month, I immediately reached for the sensitive brush. I have sensitive, thin skin, and I knew it would be the best brush for me to use. I was right. I cleans without any irritation. The massage/toning or attachment is so cool! I will admit, I’m not using it on face as often as I’m using it on my muscles. The hydration applicator is amazing. It really does “punch” your moisturizer or treatment product into your skin, without pain and suffering. I like the way the system feels in my hand. It’s lightweight and comfortable – easy to use and easy on my hand and arm, with its sleek ergonomic design. This little marvel is worth much more than its price. The cost is a fraction of what a Clarisonic will set you back, and it offers more.” Adrienne Best Things in Beauty
“Most of what you’ll read about the Skinsonic talks about the cleansing that it does and compares it to a much more expensive machine. As much as I like the cleansing action, I love the other features even more. I love cleansing and sometimes exfoliating with the Skinsonic, then drying it off and hydrating. For example at night I dab my moisturizer on my face in 5 spots (both cheeks, forehead, chin and nose) then flip the switch and allow this to lightly massage the moisturizer onto my skin. It feels luxurious and decadent to do this. I know I can rub my serum or moisturizer on with my hands but this does such a wonderful job with a gentle circular motion. Love it!! The Massage Applicator is just fun. It makes me feel so relaxed. The sonic action is so gentle that it just feels fluttery on your face. You do this with a dry face. It’s amazing for an oncoming headache! Massage your temples and you’ll feel the tension lessening. Use it on any muscles that need relaxing too. It’s that versatile. Of course the main purpose is cleansing and the job it does is just as great. Even though there are two different heads for cleansing, I prefer the sensitive one. I find it removes my makeup very well and works well with my myriad of cleansers. I can’t rave enough about the Skinsonic, I’m quite serious about this! As an advertisement from my youth used to say: “try it, you’ll like it.” Marcia Beauty Info Zone
“I have been using Skinsonic Skincare System for a while now. I never tried any of the other ones like it on the market because they all just seem a bit pricey for what they do or don’t do. I have been using the Skinsonic off and on mostly in the evening with my cleanser of choice of that night. Because I test out so many different cleansers it’s been a lot of fun seeing how the Skinsonic works with them. You really do get a nice cleansed face when you use the Skinsonic. Its not hard on your face, it cleans away the dead skin cells with while you are using it. It handles things like dropping it, which I have done, you can clean the heads of the Skinsonic while it’s still on the device. Being it runs by batteries instead of a having to be plugged into the wall I think makes it so much easier to work with. You can put the cleanser on the brush, or on your face and then use the Skinsonic to clean your face. Overall I was surprised at how well it works, how easy it to work with, and you can use any of the 5 brushes that comes with it. I got a super nice deep pore cleansing and a soften face at the same time! Love it!!” Kim Thoughts of Beauty
“I’m not an every day Clarisonic girl, but I do use it a few times a week. Even with the newer, smaller and less expensive model, the Mia, a Clarisonic is quite the skin care investment. So, I was excited to hear that some lower priced options are popping up out there. I thought I’d take this one, the aptly named Skinsonic for a test drive. Overall, I get the same results with the Skinsonic as I do my Clarisonic. And it is about 25% of the price of my Classic Clarisonic. If you’ve been wanting to try out the Clarisonic but the price tag has scared you off, this is definitely worth checking out. I’ll be sticking with my Clarisonic for regular use (I like that it can recharge), but the Skinsonic is definitely being added to my travel bag for its battery operated portability and smaller size. If I didn’t have the Clarisonic already the Skinsonic would definitely have earned a permanent spot on my vanity.” Christine 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic


“The Skinsonic offers sonic cleansing at a much more affordable price than the more expensive Clarisonic. The products are fairly comparable in terms of features and, based on Clarisonic reviews and other Skinsonic reviews, it appears that the Skinsonic offers comparable results as well. The Skinsonic has attachments for sensitive skin, hydration and massage, something that its rival does not have. The Skinsonic works to cleanse skin by sonic technology through a vibrating sonic brush that removes dirt and makeup. It can also exfoliate, hydrate, or massages, depending on the attachment used. I like it best for cleansing. Sonic cleansing really does remove a lot of dirt. My skin always feels great after using it and, by using the product regularly, I can really see a difference in terms of skin brightness and acnes clearing. The device is comfortable and easy to use. I also like the product for sonic exfoliation. I previously used a spa sciences exfoliator that was discontinued, and the Skinsonic is a good affordable replacement. Overall, I like the Skinsonic. I recommend it to anyone interested in sonic cleansing or exfoliation, especially those who are budget conscious since the savings with the Skinsonic make it a rather good value product.” Carleen Beauty and Fashion Tech


“It’s no secret that I’m an avid Clarisonic Mia fan, it’s fantastic for loosening debris on the face while cleansing for a deeper clean than a washcloth can provide. But sometimes a Clarisonic just isn’t in the budget—at $149, it’s definitely not a cheap date. Affordable alternatives are popping up everywhere, and I’ve been testing out the Sirius Skinsonic to see if it fits the bill. There’s no doubt that the Skinsonic is powerful and affordable, and from a consumer standpoint—it might even seem as effective. As far as performance I can see and feel, I find it to be in the ballpark of the Clarisonic. If a Clarisonic is out of your reach, I think Skinsonic is an affordable alternative for a similar result.” Amber Beauty Junkies Unite  
“I apply the facewash directly to my Sirius Skinsonic electric face brush. This is a nice dupe of the Clarisonic but it’s way more affordable at the price of $49. I’ve tried cheaper versions before that didn’t add up. I like that this is more of a vibrating tool rather than a fully rotating/spinning brush head which is too harsh on the skin. This tool has truly changed my skin. It feels smoother, brighter and healthier. I really recommend it. It also comes with several other attachments – normal brush head, sensitive brush head, exfoliation brush head, hydration head and toning head. I also like that is comes with a nifty holder.”
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